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By David Ahn

Announcing Summer StreakStakes!

While we’ve been providing gift card rewards since Sugar Streak launched one year ago, our goal has always been to offer different ways for users to win rewards and prizes, whether they’re brand new or on day 150 of their Streak!

We’re kicking off our summer by partnering with some of the best brands that create products made specifically for diabetes. Starting next week (June 13th) and going into the Fall, we will be running regular StreakStakes giveaways where users can earn free, awesome prizes by simply using the Sugar Streak app to record their sugars.

How the StreakStakes Giveaways Work

  • Each StreakStakes period lasts three weeks
  • Each StreakStakes features prizes donated by a Sponsor
  • At the end of the 3 weeks, a raffle will be held to determine the winners
  • Each StreakStake will have three or more winners
  • Every glucoin earned during the StreakStake counts as a raffle ticket (This excludes the 500 glucoin welcome bonus for building your first 7 day streak)
  • Longer streaks earn glucoin faster, and increase your chance of winning!
  • For more, read our Official Rules and Details

In addition, even if you don’t win, each sponsor will be offering special discounts to every single Sugar Streaker.

Quality Products… For Diabetes, By People With Diabetes

When choosing our partners, we made sure to vet and hand-pick awesome vendors who offer products that really add value to managing diabetes. Our partners fully understand the daily grind of diabetes… because they LIVE with diabetes!

Sick of yucky glucose tabs? We got you! Getting bored of your bloody glucose meter and case? Of course!

And since I’m an endocrinologist, be confident that we won’t be peddling mystical “cures” or suspicious “self-help” books. I fully support all of our vendor partners and recommend them to my patients.

Details about each StreakStake will be distributed through our mailing list and also is visible within the Glucoin Store in the App.


By David Ahn

New and Improved Data Cards!

With version 1.2, we are upgrading the Card view that is displayed on the home screen, which is one of the unique features of Sugar Streak.

The Cards offer a quick “at-a-glance” view that updates immediately after you add every new glucose entry, displaying the most  relevant information. Until now, we had only deployed one Card, which provides an immediate look at 1) a graph of the most recent 3 to 7 days of blood sugars and 2) the most relevant metrics from that time period: average, standard deviation, lowest blood sugar, and highest blood sugar.

One of the most common features our users have been asking for are some modifications of the graph. First off, we’ve changed the default y-axis range to now go from 0 to 200 to better help our users with sugars that are very consistently hovering around 100. (You lucky son-of-a-guns…). In addition, we changed the time frame on the first card to represent 7 days for all of our users. (We admit we were wrong in limiting it to just 3 days for our 4x/day pledgers).   Read more

By David Ahn

An Exciting June for Sugar Streak!

While the blog updates might have slowed down over the past month or so, don’t let that deceive you: a TON has been going on at Sugar Streak! June was packed with exciting developments. Here’s a quick recap:

June 1 – Invitations were sent out to join the Beta Cells, our super-secret group of beta testers. They got first access to Sugar Streak, before it was even released. If you want to join the Beta Cells, feel free to email me and we’ll get you plugged in!

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By David Ahn

The Problem with Glucose Meters and Logbooks

As an iPhone-loving diabetes doctor covering digital health for the past five years, I’ve played around with most every advanced, smartphone compatible glucose meter on the market. (Read my reviews: Telcare, OneTouch Verio Sync, iHealth Align, and iBG Star). I’ve been to countless digital health conferences, where executives proudly show off the latest diabetes tools at digital health conferences. My head spins, thinking about the exciting future of diabetes care.

But I’m jolted back to reality when my patients bring in the same clunky, old glucose meters that haven’t changed dramatically over the past 10 years.

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By David Ahn

The iPhone is WHY I became a diabetes doctor

In high school during the late 90’s, I did what any tech-inclined high school boy would do: I started a web design club and built a fan website for a female actress (her initials are JLH). Despite its relative success, being a webmaster was never more than a hobby. My true career goal was to become a doctor, like my father and his father before him.

Once in college at UC San Diego, I continued to foster my inner tech nerd by studying human computer interaction. But I still saw technology as a fleeting fascination until I would start medical school and focus on my “real” career as a doctor.

Upon starting medical school (also at UCSD), I buckled down on my studies, leaving the tech world behind. Or so I thought.

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By David Ahn

Our Founding Principles

While creating Sugar Streak, we spoke with anybody who would listen: people with diabetes, parents of children with diabetes, diabetes vendors, diabetes educators, nutritionists, adult endocrinologists, pediatric endocrinologists, etc.

With their feedback, we came up with the founding principles of Sugar Streak:

1) Users First: no matter what, we want to do right by our users. Whether it’s choosing features to add, deciding how many times a day to check your sugar (you decide!), or choosing the right pricing model (free!), we want to make sure it’s with the best interest of our users in mind. We’re well aware that it’s a privilege to help you with your diabetes, and we want to honor that above all else.

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