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by David Ahn

While creating Sugar Streak, we spoke with anybody who would listen: people with diabetes, parents of children with diabetes, diabetes vendors, diabetes educators, nutritionists, adult endocrinologists, pediatric endocrinologists, etc.

With their feedback, we came up with the founding principles of Sugar Streak:

1) Users First: no matter what, we want to do right by our users. Whether it’s choosing features to add, deciding how many times a day to check your sugar (you decide!), or choosing the right pricing model (free!), we want to make sure it’s with the best interest of our users in mind. We’re well aware that it’s a privilege to help you with your diabetes, and we want to honor that above all else.

2) Your Data Belongs to You: We want to make sure that your data remains exactly that: YOUR data. By trusting us with your sugars, we will never charge you or make it burdensome to obtain your data. In addition, we will NEVER share your data with others without your permission.

3) No Judgment: When talking with people with diabetes, a recurring theme came up: people hate the way it feels when their numbers are “bad.” With Sugar Streak, it’s not about “good” or “bad” numbers. Every sugar counts the same towards building your streak, whether it’s 55, 85 or 485 mg/dL.

4) Compatibility is Key: We understand that people have preferences or outside financial restrictions. Sugar Streak will never be limited to one brand or one type of glucose meter. Every sugar counts.

4) Keep It Simple: People repeatedly tell us that diabetes is overwhelming enough. The last thing they need is an app to complicate it further. So we are focusing all our efforts on one simple task: helping you check your blood sugars. We won’t bombard you with confusing, unnecessary features.

5) Prepare for the Future: We live in exciting times. Whether it’s artificial pancreas systems, continuous glucose monitors, or wireless glucose meters, each month brings exciting news about the future of diabetes management. We see Sugar Streak as a bridge from the past of archaic glucose meters to this exciting, wireless future. We are designing Sugar Streak with the future in mind.

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David Ahn, MD
About David Ahn, MD
David is an endocrinologist, digital health expert, and CEO of Sugar Streak. He has written extensively about diabetes technology and fitness trackers. He believes that empowering patients is the key to managing diabetes.

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