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by David Ahn

In high school during the late 90’s, I did what any tech-inclined high school boy would do: I started a web design club and built a fan website for a female actress (her initials are JLH). Despite its relative success, being a webmaster was never more than a hobby. My true career goal was to become a doctor, like my father and his father before him.

Once in college at UC San Diego, I continued to foster my inner tech nerd by studying human computer interaction. But I still saw technology as a fleeting fascination until I would start medical school and focus on my “real” career as a doctor.

Upon starting medical school (also at UCSD), I buckled down on my studies, leaving the tech world behind. Or so I thought.

steve-jobs-unveils-first-iphone18 months later, Steve Jobs and Apple announced the iPhone. I would go on to buy the iPhone 3G on launch day, which happened to be the exact same week I started my first hospital rotations. Effectively, my clinical career in medicine and the App Store were born simultaneously. I’m the first class of doctors to be able say that I’ve always had an iPhone in my white coat.

Since that fateful week, my two passions (medicine and technology) have never parted ways. Over the next 5 years, by day I was training to be a doctor, and by night was writing about health technology for


In fact, I literally chose to specialize in diabetes (and endocrinology) because of the iPhone. While writing my review of the first glucose meter for the iPhone, I was blown away because diabetes was the perfect specialty for me. Why? 1) Relative to other chronic conditions like heart failure or cancer, diabetes affects people who are younger and more tech-savvy. 2) Diabetes utilizes a lot of nifty gadgets like glucose meters and insulin pumps.

Over the last two years I have helped people with diabetes on a daily basis and kept my finger on the pulse of the emergence of digital health. Meanwhile, the idea behind Sugar Streak was slowly brewing…

Next post: why did I come up with the idea for Sugar Streak?

David Ahn, MD
About David Ahn, MD
David is an endocrinologist, digital health expert, and CEO of Sugar Streak. He has written extensively about diabetes technology and fitness trackers. He believes that empowering patients is the key to managing diabetes.

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