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by David Ahn

With version 1.2, we are upgrading the Card view that is displayed on the home screen, which is one of the unique features of Sugar Streak.

The Cards offer a quick “at-a-glance” view that updates immediately after you add every new glucose entry, displaying the most  relevant information. Until now, we had only deployed one Card, which provides an immediate look at 1) a graph of the most recent 3 to 7 days of blood sugars and 2) the most relevant metrics from that time period: average, standard deviation, lowest blood sugar, and highest blood sugar.


One of the most common features our users have been asking for are some modifications of the graph. First off, we’ve changed the default y-axis range to now go from 0 to 200 to better help our users with sugars that are very consistently hovering around 100. (You lucky son-of-a-guns…). In addition, we changed the time frame on the first card to represent 7 days for all of our users. (We admit we were wrong in limiting it to just 3 days for our 4x/day pledgers).


Perhaps more exciting, we’ve added a SECOND Card (visible by swiping the first CARD to the left) which highlights some trends over a slightly longer period of the most recent 14 days. Since cramming 14 days of sugar into a small graph would be less meaningful, our 14 day CARD displays the “Percent in Range” Pie Chart and a Predicted A1c. Here’s what’s on it:

  1. “Percent in Range” Pie Chart – As many people know, low blood sugars can be just as (or even more!) dangerous as high blood sugars, so many diabetes experts are highlighting the importance of focusing on the percentage of time that your sugars are within the target glucose range. This handy pie chart easily shows what percent of your glucose readings are below range, in range, or above range. Naturally, the goal is to try and maximize the percent in range, while minimizing the percent high and percent low. Sugar Streak intelligently has different ranges for each type of blood sugar, based on a combination of the 2015 American Diabetes Association and the Joslin Clinic recommendations for people with diabetes.
    1. Pre-Meal Target: 80-130 mg/dL
    2. After Meal Target: 80-180 mg/dL
    3. Bedtime Target: 80-150mg/dL
  2. Predicted A1c – If your blood test A1c is a 3 month “report card,” then our 14 day Predicted A1c is a “progress report” based on sugars entered into Sugar Streak. Use our 14 day predicted A1c to help you stay focused and track better towards your goal. Since our proprietary calculation is based on sugars you enter into the app, try to improve the accuracy of the Predicted A1c by adding in more sugars, at various times of day!
  3. 14 Day Stats – Like the 7 day Card, we also display the 14 day statistics: average, standard deviation, lowest blood sugar, and highest blood sugar.


Lastly, to help remind yourself of all this information, we added help information for each of the card views! Simply tap anywhere on the card to bring up extra information to remind you about the different components of each Card.

Let us know what you think, and feel free to give suggestions for what Cards we should add next!

David Ahn, MD
About David Ahn, MD
David is an endocrinologist, digital health expert, and CEO of Sugar Streak. He has written extensively about diabetes technology and fitness trackers. He believes that empowering patients is the key to managing diabetes.

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